Loss Prevention


When is a Loss Prevention Survey Performed?

The Workers' Compensation Assigned Risk Plan/Pool requires surveys to be completed based on certain attributes of the policy, such as business type, premium size, loss information, and whether critical recommendations were made on prior policies. You will be notified if you qualify for a mandatory loss prevention survey. You may also request loss prevention services free of charge.

What Should I Expect with a Loss Prevention Survey?

Loss Prevention Surveys generally include:

  • A thorough walk-through of your facility by a loss prevention consultant
  • Analysis of your current risk management program which can help determine interventions to prevent future losses
  • Evaluation of your historical losses analyzing accident frequency and trends to determine root cause and potential for future losses
  • Identification of potential loss sources to help you discern their potential severity and impact
  • Examination of human elements affecting your loss potential (e.g., employee selection, hiring strategies and underlying issues- stress and employee comorbidities, time management and resource allocation)
  • Recommendations from the loss prevention consultant marked as “Advisable” or “Critical” in keeping your work space safe and functional
Why is Loss Prevention Important?

Loss Prevention measures are important to help prevent accidents and claims by:

  • Helping to eliminate hazards and protect your workers and property
  • Identifying and promoting safe work strategies
  • Offering educational and training solutions to your employees
  • Helping to develop Return-to-Work Programs

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